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<OpenAPI />

A component to render OpenAPI specification files into EventCatalog.


OpenAPI files can be great for your services. Remember you can version your services and all files that associate with it. This allows you to version your OpenAPI files with EventCatalog.


The <OpenAPI/> component is supported in domains, services, and all messages.


  1. Add your openapi.yml file to your folder
    • e.g /events/MyEvent/openapi.yml
  2. Include the <OpenAPI/> component inside the markdown
    • e.g /events/MyEvent/

When you include the component three things happen:

  • You get a section in your document with a link to the spec file
  • A button is rendered in the sidebar for the document
  • A new page is rendered loading the OpenAPI file.


#event frontmatter

Output example in EventCatalog

Example output

New page that is created for your OpenAPI spec

Example openapi page


No configuration required.