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<Schema />

The schema component renders a given schema into the page.

Schemas can be any file format (.avro, .json etc).


The <Schema/> component is supported in domains, services, and all messages.


  1. Add your schema file to your folder.
    • e.g /events/MyEvent/schema.avro
  2. Include the <Schema/> component inside the markdown
    • e.g /events/MyEvent/


#event frontmatter

The Inventory Adjusted event is triggered whenever there is a change in the inventory levels of a product.
This could occur due to various reasons such as receiving new stock, sales, returns, or manual adjustments by the inventory management team.

<Schema file="schema.avro" />

Output example in EventCatalog

Example output


title (optional)string(empty)Title to render in your schema block
file (required)string(empty)The file to load into the schema block. Path is resolved by EventCatalog.