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Documentation tool for Event-Driven Architectures

EventCatalog is an Open Source project that helps you document your events, services and domains. Over 11,000 catalogs created.

Powered by markdown, components and plugins.

name: AddedItemToCart
version: 0.0.3
summary: |
  Holds information about what the user added to their shopping cart.
    - Basket Service
    - Data Lake
    - dboyne

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Event Catalog Example

EDA documentation is important.

Over time our Event Driven Architectures (EDA) grow and it can become difficult to discover and understand our events, schemas, producers, consumers and services. EventCatalog is built to help you document, visualise and keep on top of your Event Driven Architectures.

David Boyne
Creator of EventCatalog


EventCatalog is helping developers around the world 🌎

“Creating easy to maintain and easy to consume API and event documentation that is always up to date has been one of the most consistent challenges of my career. EventCatalog has become the keystone tool to finally make it possible.”

Adam Fanello
@Strategic Cloud Software Architect, Rackspace Technology

“EventCatalog unlocked the power to visualise events and flows. It simplifies event documentation, providing a clear and comprehensive view of all our events, producers, and consumers. It's the essential tool that was missing in my documentation process.”

Tim Haselaars
@Product Manager , Apideck

“When I started to work with EDA 4 years ago, I always wondering how to document events across the organization with easy access and useful for all stakeholders, recently I discovered Event Catalog which has been amazing because it automated the creation of EventBridge event powered by the plugging you created, big thanks!”

Daniel Castillo
@Software Architect, Propelus

“EventCatalog does a tremendous job in bringing transparency to our landscape. With it's visualisation features it's easy to identify stakeholders for event changes.”

Benjamin Otto
@Fullstack developer, Cloud lover

“EventCatalog for us replaces a plain wiki. It offers much more insight into an EDA. Features such as the visualiser make seeing how events are used a breath of fresh air!”

Billy Mumby

Document your Events, Services and Domains

Powered by Markdown

Document your events and upstream/downstream services with Markdown and our custom components.

Render: Code Examples, Node Graphs, Event Schemas, Event Versions, Event Owners and much more...

You can also generate documentation from any third party system using our plugin architecture.

Inbox user interface

The Visualiser

Visualise your Architecture

Visualise your Event Driven Architecture using the visualiser or 3D graphs.

EventCatalog allows you to see exactly what’s happening in your architecture without needing to know the code or how it works.

Customer profile user interface

Search, tag and find events, domains and services

Filter and find events and services

View your events, services and domains with a high level overview.

Filter information, search and tag your events,services and domains.

Generate a quick overview of everything your architecture is doing and dive deeper into the generated markdown pages.

Inbox user interface

Bring visibility to your Architecture.

Document, version and stay ontop of your Event Driven Architecture.

Open Source

Designed and Developed for the community. Free for everybody to use.


Use Markdown to define your events and services. EventCatalog will handle the rest.


Visualise your services and events, understand how things connect and how events flow through your Architecture.

Deploy Anywhere

EventCatalog outputs a static website, which means you can deploy anywhere you want.

Plugins and API

Generate your documentation using Plugins. Generate your EventCatalog using your code.

Users & Teams

User and Team pages. Document who owns which events and services.

Version Control

It's just Markdown. Version your events like you would version your blog.


Join the community, learn from each other and help shape the project.

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