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Adding OpenAPI Specifications

With EventCatalog you can add your OpenAPI Specifications to your events.

To use the feature you will need to do two things:

  1. Add your openapi.yaml or openapi.json file into your event
    • example /events/{Your Event}/openapi.yaml
  2. Add the Component OpenAPI inside your event markdown file.

This will load your OpenAPI file into your Event Page.

Example of loading OpenAPI into Service file
name: OrderCreated
version: 0.0.1
summary: |
Event represents when an order has been created.
- Orders Service
- Data Lake
- dboyne
- mSmith

<NodeGraph title="Consumer/Producer Diagram" />

## OpenAPI Schema

OpenAPI schema for the event can be found below.

<OpenAPI />

Props for Component

The <OpenAPI/> component uses swagger-ui-react under the hood. If you want to configure your component you can pass these props into your component.

Example of passing through props from swagger-ui-react
<OpenAPI docExpansion="full"  />

Example Output

OpenAPI Example