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Adding Event Owners

Event ownership is a key concept of EventCatalog. If you work in a distributed system your events may be managed and owned by different teams, but knowing these owners can be quite hard.

Let's add some owners to our new UserSignedUp event.

First let's add some users to our project.

Open up the eventcatalog.config.js file and add the following.

module.exports = {
// ...
users: [
id: 'dboyne',
name: 'David Boyne',
avatarUrl: '',
role: 'Developer',
summary: 'Maintainer of EventCatalog and loves building tools for Event Architectures.'
Adding Users to your catalog

The eventcatalog.config.js is the place to store your users information. You can access these across events and services.

Find out more reading the users documentation

Great, so we have added the user David Boyne with the id dboyne. Let's go back to our event and add this user.

name: UserSignedUp
version: 0.0.1
summary: |
Tells us when the user has signed up
- Email Platform
- User Service
- dboyne

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Now when you render your event you will see your new owner for that event. You can add as many owners as you like, as long as you add their details in the eventcatalog.config.js file.