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Customise EventCatalog

With EventCatalog you can customise styling, icons, links and much more.

Custom Landingpage

Logos & Favicons

When you initialise your EventCatalog folder you will have a public directory.

You can replace the logo.svg and favicon.ico files here. The changes will then be shown on your Catalog.

Title & Description

You can change your Catalogs title and description, you can find more details in the eventcatalog.config.js API

Every page in EventCatalog has a footer which you can customise.

To change the links head over to the eventcatalog.config.js file and change the footerLinks

If you don't want any footer links, just remove them from the eventcatalog.config.js file.


You can configure custom badges on the grid style pages (events, services and domains) of your Eventcatalog by using the badges property in frontmatter of your Eventcatalog files. The badges property is an array of badge objects that configure some text content as well as a backgroundColor and textColor which should be configured with color names "red", "blue" etc. This object has the following schema:

export interface Badge {
content: string;
backgroundColor: string;
textColor: string;

An example Eventcatalog file with badges configured with a "New!" badge with blue text and blue background would be:

name: AddedItemToCart
version: 0.0.2
summary: |
Holds information about what the user added to their shopping cart.
- Basket Service
- Data Lake
- dboyne
- mSmith
- content: New!
backgroundColor: blue
textColor: blue

Which would result in the following display on the grid style pages as:

Custom Landingpage

Styling EventCatalog

EventCatalog supports custom styling. When you create your catalog you will have a eventcatalog.styles.css file.

Upgrading to styling

If you have an old version of EventCatalog, update to the latest version of eventcatalog/core and add a eventcatalog.styles.css in the root of your project.

Custom classes

EventCatalog has custom classes which you can change the styles of, these have a prefix of ec-.


In theory you can customise anything you want, but beware that classes my change. It's best to use the supported classed below to change the styles.

Supported classes

  • .ec-homepage - Change the background of EventCatalog homepage
# Changes the background of the homepage to black

If you want any more customizations please raise a GitHub issue or join us in Discord.