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⚡️ EventCatalog will help you document your Event-Driven architecture in no time.

⚡️ EventCatalog is designed to help you document and capture your Events, Services, Domains, Schemas, Code Examples and much more.

⚡️ Ease of use, developer experience and managing maintenance overhead is key to this project. That's why we try to focus on simplifying the experience.


Event-Driven Architectures have been around for awhile now, but it’s becoming more accessible with things like serverless offerings it is now easier now more than ever to get started.

Event Architectures are proving they can give some great benefits but parts of the ecosystem still need to be improved.

Over the past decade we have seen tools like EventStorming and EventModeling take off. These practises encourage us to talk and design our Events together.

Shared understanding and context goes into the creation of our Events, Bounded Context and Services but unfortunately this information get's lost over time.

Our community is starting to look into Event Discovery and documentation. Many brokers have Schema Registrys but can we do more?

What if we could:

  • Document our Services and Schemas
  • Describe Events and see the history of Events
  • Group Services and Events by domains
  • Create interactive interfaces for us to explore our events, bounded contexts and more...

Say hello to EventCatalog.

EventCatalog is designed to help people understand, document and discover their Event Architectures.

EventCatalog is not locked down to any technology or brokers. It has been designed to be extendable, easy to use and maintain, supporting plugins, documentation generators, multiple schema formats and much more.

We can do so much more for our Event Architectures.

EventCatalog is Open Source and hopefully it can add value to your teams.

Core Features

EventCatalog is designed to allow teams to easily document their Event-Driven architectures.

  • 🚀 Built with Event-Driven Architectures in mind
    • Write documentation for Events, Schemas, Domains and Services
    • Supports any Schema format
    • Version Event and Schema documentation with ease
    • Integrate with third party systems
  • Pluggable
    • Bootstrap your site with a basic template, then use advanced features and plugins
    • API to build plugins. Integrate with your broker and generate documentation from it.
    • Open source your plugins to share with the community
  • ✂️ Developer experience
    • Start writing your docs right now
    • Universal configuration entry point to make it more maintainable by contributors
    • Publish anywhere with our Docker File.

Staying informed

Something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please file an issue for us.