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Code Examples

EventCatalog allows you to add code examples into your Event documentation page.

Here are some reasons why you might want to add code examples:

  • Give developers examples of events
  • Give developers examples of how to trigger the event
  • Give developers the ability to quickly copy and paste commands

EventCatalog is all about event discovery and documentation for your team.

Giving them code examples might help them get up and running with your architecture easier.

EventCatalog supports any programming language for your code examples.

Adding Code Examples

To add code examples to your event you will need to create a new folder called examples inside your event folder.

You will need to add the files inside the examples directory

  • /events/{Event Name}/examples/{any-file}
    • (example /events/UserSignedUp/examples/FiringEventExample.js)

Within the examples folder you can add any file and any programming language you want. EventCatalog will read the directory and render the example code into the UI.

Once you create your examples you will need to render them within your Event documentation.

You can choose where you want to render it within your markdown file and you just need to include the <Examples /> MDX Component.

Example of Adding Code to your Events

Let's say we have a UserCreated event in /events/UserCreated/

name: UserCreated
version: 0.0.1
summary: |
Tells us when the user has been created
- Email Platform
- User Service

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Vestibulum suscipit tortor sit amet dolor tempor cursus. Nunc ac felis accumsan.

<EventExamples title="How to trigger event" />

Let's add the Example for this Event in /events/UserCreated/examples/Example.js

var mqtt = require('mqtt')
var client = mqtt.connect('mqtt://')

client.on('connect', function () {
client.subscribe('presence', function (err) {
if (!err) {
client.publish('presence', 'Hello mqtt')

client.on('message', function (topic, message) {
// message is Buffer

This is just an example of a JavaScript file connecting to MQTT broker, this is just dummy code


Remember the name of the file and extension of the example does not matter, you can have any file you like. EventCatalog will read the examples directory and render anything inside it

Let's see how the code example will render in the document.

UserSignedUp with Code Example