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Creating services

Adding a service to your Catalog is a great way for you to document your service and define which messages it receives or sends.

What do services look like in EventCatalog?


Adding a new service

To add a new service create a new folder within the /services folder with an file.

  • /services/{Service Name}/
    • (example /services/Orders/

The contents are split into two sections, frontmatter and the markdown content.

Here is an example of what a domain markdown file may look like.

/services/Orders/ (example)
# id of your service, used for slugs and references in EventCatalog.
id: Orders

# Display name of the Service, rendered in EventCatalog
name: Orders

# Version of the Service
version: 0.0.1

# Short summary of your Service
summary: |
Service that contains order related information

# Optional owners, references teams or users
- dboyne

# Optional messages this service receives and it's version
- id: InventoryAdjusted
version: 0.0.3

# Optional messages this service sends and it's version
- id: AddInventory
version: 0.0.3

# Optional badges, rendered to UI by EventCatalog
- content: New service
backgroundColor: blue
textColor: blue

## Overview

This orders service gives API consumers the ability to produce orders in the systems. Events are raised from this system for downstream consumption.

<NodeGraph />

That's it!

Once you add your new service to EventCatalog, it will now show in the docs, visualizer and discoverability table.

Adding content

With services you can write any Markdown you want and it will render on your page. Every service gets its own page.

Within your markdown content you can use components to add interactive components to your page.

Adding OpenAPI

Services in EventCatalog allow you to render OpenAPI specification files or schemas on the page.

Add OpenAPI spec file

To add an OpenAPI file to your service you will need to include the file itself inside the service directory.

  • /services/{Service Name}/openapi.yml
    • (example /services/Orders/openapi.yml)

Next include the <OpenAPI/> component inside your markdown file.


This is my awesome service.

<!-- This will load the OpenAPI document in your service and create a link in the side navigation to view it. -->


Tips for service content

It's entirely up to you what you want to add to your services markdown content but here are a few things you might want to consider.

  • Context of the service. What is it? Why does it exist?
  • How others can understand who owns this service?
  • How others can interact with the service? What spec files or schemas will you document?
  • Any edit/contributing guidelines?