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EventCatalog & Static Generation

· 2 min read
David Boyne


Previously EventCatalog was using parts of NextJS that required a server to run (getServerSideProps) and NextJS API Route.

One of the top requests from the community was the ability to render EventCatalog as static content rather than having to run a server to host the catalog...

We are happy to announce that EventCatalog now exports static HTML an no longer requires a server to run!

What does this mean?

When your run npm run build on EventCatalog it now bundles your content into static HTML using NextJS export feature.

This now means that EventCatalog can be hosted anywhere and no longer needs a server to run 🤩.

If you want to learn more you can read the deployment guide.

What about future features that require a server?

We will see how EventCatalog code evolves, but if we need any features that require a server in the future, we can explore using feature switches and APIs to enable further enrichment of EventCatalog.


Shout out to @timhaselaars and @otbe for the ideas and code to help make this possible 🙏.

If you have any problems or further ideas for EventCatalog feel free to raise an issue or join our community on discord.