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EventCatalog CLI

EventCatalog provides a set of scripts to help you generate, serve, and deploy your catalog.

Once your catalog is bootstrapped, the source will contain the EventCatalog scripts that you can invoke with your package manager:

// ...
"scripts": {
// Runs the dev server locally
"dev": "eventcatalog dev",
// Builds the catalog
"build": "eventcatalog build",

// start/preview both run the built catalog locally.
"start": "eventcatalog start",
"preview": "eventcatalog preview",

EventCatalog CLI commands

Below is a list of EventCatalog CLI commands and their usages:

eventcatalog start/preview

Starts the built EventCatalog (post-build phase)

eventcatalog build

Compiles your site for production.

Starts the built EventCatalog (post-build phase)

eventcatalog dev

Runs your catalog in dev mode